We're creating a magazine dedicated entirely to the world of Young Adult.

YA is evolving quickly. Some of the most diverse, innovative, and discussion-worthy work being published right now is coming from the Young Adult space. Hundreds of readers across the world are already writing thoughtfully about YA through social media and individual blogs. YA is way overdue for a publication of its own.
We need a publication by and for readers, thoughtfully curated by a team that believes YA is worthy of reflective critical analysis. We need a magazine that values independent reviewers, one that interrogates Young Adult literature with more nuance than can fit in a tweet. We need to claim space for YA's diverse, growing readership to make its voice heard.
Kirkus meets Bustle meets your Goodreads feed, the Young Adult Reader will approach literary criticism with curiosity and compassion.

With in-depth book reviews and critical analysis, the Young Adult Reader will prioritize "between the covers" content that reflects YA's value. With discussions of publishing trends and interviews with authors and professionals, it will stay in conversation with the world of Young Adult publishing.

The Young Adult Reader is committed to compensating contributors for their work. Many new publications gather content by soliciting free work from freelance writers in exchange for "exposure." Instead, we're crowdfunding to make sure we can pay each and every one of the talented writers, artists, and editors making YAR possible, even before we have revenue streams in place.

The Young Adult Reader

An online magazine devoted entirely to the world of young adult literature.

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